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Disappointments & Expectations In Marriage

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We all have expectations. Even from the start of the relationship expectations should be communicated. Eventually after marriage, we might encounter a few disappointments that lead to a few arguments. Let’s keep it real, we all go through some sort of disappointment and it’s usually due to the lack of communication.

In order to get through those moments, sit down with your partner and have a conversation. Put it all on the table. It’s okay to express our wants and needs. It’s okay to have the hard conversations. But it is not okay to keep the feeling of neglect and disappointment bottled up on the inside, that my friend can lead to greater issues down the road. Grab your partner today and say hey, let’s talk about our expectations. It will bless your marriage.

When we get married, our number one priority up under God is to our spouse and children. Outside of working and providing for the home and family, anything else is just a distraction. Yes, we have our friends and hobbies, as that is healthy, we just need to make sure there is a healthy balance in the mix.

By Dana Randolph