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Marriage and the Healthy Balance

By Dana Randolph

Anything in life requires some sort of balance. It is almost impossible to live a life with family, work, and hobbies without even considering time management. Some people spend all their time focused on one main thing, while possibly neglecting the other things and people in their life. When we do this, it can potentially cause unnecessary drama or the feeling of neglect from those we love and care for.

In a marriage, of course we must work, there may be children involved, we have our side hobbies along with other ventures in life. It is healthy to have time away no doubt, but there should always be a balance in place. A healthy balance in fact, one that allows us to do the things we enjoy, while also putting in time and effort towards our marriage.

Just think, if we give all our time and attention to everything and everyone other than our spouse, where does that leave our spouse and marriage? There is a void that will be put in place, a void that could leave our spouse feeling alone and neglected. It could also leave our children feeling the same way. We must always seek God first in how to go about managing our time and efforts. Although in a marriage, some things should really be common sense, but for some unfortunately it’s not.

Therefore, it is important to communicate our wants and needs. We should never be put in nor place our spouse in a position where they are fighting for our attention. These are things that should be discussed even prior to marriage. During marriage you might need to give a gentle reminder because we all get caught up in our daily life routine and unfortunately forget.

If we learn how to consider our spouse in all things, then it won’t be so easy to forget. We learn to put their needs at the forefront which allows a healthy balance to manifest in the marriage. Just think, by placing our marriage first up under God, there will be no room for neglect or the drama that might surface because of it. Both husband and wife should always use time management and look to ensure that the needs of the marriage and household are being met.

When we seek to consistently make time for each other, there will be less neglect and more nourishment.

How are you making time for your spouse?

5 ways to keep a healthy marriage:

  1. Make quality time for each other
  2. Never put anything other than God above your spouse
  3. Communicate your needs and wants
  4. Utilize time management
  5. Use wisdom in all decisions
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